9 Travel Gadgets that Won’t Hurt Your Budget This Summer

Consider these affordable tech to complete your “summer to remember.”

Travel gadget

Summer. Finally.

You’ve set your itinerary, prepared your tanning lotion, and mixed and matched your outfits. Make sure you bring with you these must-have travel accessories and gadgets! We’ve picked these 9 budget-friendly travel gadgets for a whole lot of fun under the sun.

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charging cable

UGREEN 3-in-1 Charging Cable

$19.99 via http://www.amazon.com

You don’t have to bring all the wire cables for each of your devices. This gadget comes with a Micro USB and a Type C and Lightning cable, compatible for most types of phones.

multifunctional backpack with usb charger

Multifunctional Backpack with USB Charger

$69.99 via http://www.vulcanbags.com

Here’s a backpack spacious and loaded enough to recharge your gadgets. This tech bag includes charging ports, and is made with top-notch quality and guaranteed for durability.

collapsible travel water bottle

HYDAWAY Collapsible Travel Water Bottle 

$20 via http://www.amazon.com

This is a reusable water bottle to keep you hydrated while on your outdoor adventure. Pocket-sized and compact, you can even fold it into an inch-thick size.

mountain buggy bagrider suitcase

Mountain Buggy Bagrider Suitcase

$119.99 via http://www.amazon.com

Perfect for a traveling family, this suitcase turns into a convenient stroller.  It has a three-point harness and a sturdy built that is safe for trips.

gps luggage tracking device

LugLoc GPS Luggage Tracking Device

$49.95 via http://www.amazon.com InfinityWholesale

Using your smartphone’s Bluetooth and cell-tower technology, you know the approximate location of your luggage. This  handy travel gadget is easy to navigate and can even last for 15 hours.

sand free mat

CGear Sand-Free Mat

$59.99 via http://www.cgear-sandfree.com

On the way to the beach? Use this special sand-proof mat that allows you to relax in the beach without worrying about that pesky feeling of having sand in your hair and clothes.

weatherproof wireless portable speaker

BoomBootle WeatherProof Wireless Portable Speaker

$43.90 via http://www.amazon.com

Make your summer livelier! With the BoomBottle speaker, you’re assured of high-quality sound that boasts an impressive bass performance.

ergonomic travel pillow

BullRest Ergonomic Travel Pillow

$59.99 via http://www.blessthisstuff.com

BullRest is not your regular travel pillow. Designed with an opening at its center, this travel pillow  has an airflow design to keep your neck cozy and give you maximum comfort.

unisex all clear uv purifier bottle

Camelbak  Unisex All Clear UV Purifier Bottle

$69.79 via http://www.amazon.com

Wherever you are, carry this reliable water purification gear. This bottle comes with an LCD and case, and purifies tap water into a clean and clear liquid that’s safe for drinking.

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