Different Types of Facebook Ads that Fuel Your Wanderlust

Different types of Facebook ads and their persuasive charm when it comes to traveling.

  1. Video ads

Imagine this: You scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, minding your own business, when this Facebook ad video showing a montage of the attractions in Japan (or Malaysia or France or Sri Lanka, etc., etc.) invades your senses. Suddenly, you enter a trance. You crave to feel that fresh breeze; you crave to taste that exotic delicacy. You. Just. Crave. Period.

Video ads

  1. Carousel ads

Travel junkies are always on the lookout for good travel deals abroad. Vacation rental and online travel websites like Airbnb and Agoda take advantage of this travel junkie weakness, and craft their marketing on Facebook and other social media sites around it—offering their target market with just the right promos for them to click the bait. Coincidentally, carousel ads are brilliant tools in executing such marketing campaigns.

Carousel ads - buffer social

  1. Newsfeed ads

What makes newsfeed ads more effective than your regular right column ads? Newsfeed ads don’t look like ads at all! They’re relatable, catchy, witty. A post containing the right tagline-picture combo can stir even the most deep-seated traveling desires.

Newsfeed ads 1

  1. Right column ads

Most Facebook users do not give right column ads a second glance, but (with a catchy tagline) they still somehow do the job. Like the other Facebook advertising types, their purpose is to engage users. Right column ads can be images or videos, so they can still catch curious travel enthusiasts who are probably browsing their Facebook feeds at work on a boring Monday afternoon.

Starter_s 10-minute quick guide to setting up Facebook ads.



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