Meet Your New Travel Buddy: Facebook Dynamic Ads

Here’s how Facebook helps travel bloggers make every dream getaway easy to plan.

Facebook has changed the way travel bloggers pick their next getaway. Its dynamic ads for travel is a unique marketing tool that promotes a travel itinerary and captures every person’s point of interest, recent trips, viewed content, among others.

68749311 - travel blog on tablet computer

Officially accessible in June on Instagram and Facebook, it caught the attention of some travel agencies who now utilize it for business. With this innovative change, Facebook’s travel ad campaign can help travel bloggers discover the perfect getaway in just a few clicks.

So how does it work?

Through more specific parameters, it narrows down the target audience based on their hobbies, activities, location, and travel preferences. With the data collected, Facebook dynamic ads will generate highly relevant ads to users to match a specific audience.

How advantageous is Facebook ads for travel bloggers?

This social media marketing technique provides travel bloggers customized solutions to make travel plans more convenient. Built specifically for travelers who are on the go, all you need is a click on your smartphone.

Woman traveling in Pisa old town

Here’s why Facebook’s dynamic ads for travel is your perfect travel buddy:

  • It promotes detailed information of the hotel chain, star ratings, prices, and even reviews from other bloggers.
  • It helps travelers input their check-in and check-out dates, or the number of occupants staying.
  • It only features relevant travel ads so that you can have only the best hotel inventory available.
  • It redirects you to the ad’s main site, or to its Facebook page.

The dynamic ads for travel is the perfect tool for promoting travel itinerary to travel bloggers for easy-peasy travel.

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