Supervillain Travel: Inside the Ghost Town that Is China’s Disneyland

This eerie abandoned amusement park would have been a sought-after travel destination.

For the most part, the best supervillains dwell in ominous lairs, such as castles surrounded by moats, caves in a faraway place, and even abandoned spots that no one would ever think of visiting.

Aside from these places, are there any others, where supervillains can plan and scheme their next course of action to terrorize the hero? I mean real places.

Well, there was. One such place was the Disneyland-like amusement park somewhere in the outskirts of Beijing that had been abandoned and demolished to make way for a commercial complex.

Supposedly an ideal location for supervillains.

location for supervillain

Wonderland Amusement Park, whose construction started in 1998, was built to be China’s equivalent to Disneyland. While there’s a Disneyland in Hong Kong and a Disney Resort in Shanghai, both parks were opened in 2005 and 2011 respectively, although the planning process for Hong Kong Disneyland’s construction began in 1998.

Wonderland was the brainchild of Thailand-based developer, Reignwood Group, who envisioned it to be the largest amusement park in all of Asia, to surpass Disneyland itself. Construction began in a cornfield where farmers once cultivated their crops. Reignwood made deals with farmers and the local government for the creation of Wonderland to go underway.

Unfortunately, there were some disagreements pertaining to property prices with the government and those who owned the lands. In the middle of constructing Wonderland, the developer ran into constraints—both politically and financially—and were forced to halt construction. While it had so much potential, the project never came into fruition.

abandoned China Disneyland

Now, there remains a shadow over the cornfields where structures of Wonderland were. Before its demolition in 2013, abandoned castles, rides, and attractions paved the way to give Wonderland the atmosphere of a ghost town left to rot.

Rust dominated over the steel scaffolding and building foundations. Castles that would have fulfilled any child’s fantasies were left to crumble and decay. Moss, vegetation, debris, and dust overran Wonderland’s hollow husk, making it hazardous to visitors who wished to feed their curiosity for Beijing’s ambitious project.

One thing is for sure: Wonderland would have been a great lair for the strongest supervillains.

Would you want to turn Wonderland into a true supervillain lair? You better learn how to create a supervillain first. This guide can help.



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