Create a Beautiful Travel Photo Book Just by Simply Following These Tips

Unbelievable Hacks on How to Create Custom Travel Photo Books

Hold on to more than just boarding passes and passport stamps. Create a travel photo album that you can share with your family and friends without going crazy on uploading pictures every millisecond on Facebook.


The rise of vacation photo albums has been prominent in the recent years. Today, businesses are offering in-store facilities and online services to preserve photos in print. However, you do not have to hire someone to create a photo book; you can definitely make your own!

A personalized photo album gives its creator the luxury to be able to time travel and look back to memories.  This post contains several tips to crafting amazing vacation photo books.

1. Create a plan of attack

Is it going to be sent to galleries or potential publishers? Would you like to sell it? Or do you simply want to share your photos with family and friends? It is important to determine your motives on why you would like to produce a photo book.


2. Pick a theme

The most astounding travel photo books have unified themes that speak to its viewers. They are not just a compilation of the best shots, but rather, they are a series of shots that are put together to produce a body of work.

3. Select the best shots

When building a story, it is important that you have the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action so on and so forth. The same thing is true when producing a photo book. Yes, you definitely need to pick the best shots, but you also need to include slightly weaker images to complete the whole story.


4. Tell a story

The first few pictures that you put up must communicate your love for the destination to the viewers. Put up a series of pictures that show how you feel about this place, or what makes this destination so special. It could be the food, the renaissance architecture, exotic temples, the colourful outfits, or the intense religiosity of the people.

5. Include Captions

As with any form of writing, it is vital to prepare a draft version initially so you can run a spell check, polish the sentences, and edit grammar mistakes. Next, think about whom this photo book is destined to and the audience’s level of familiarity or knowledge about the place that you have visited.

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  1. Suan: Yes yes! I keep all the boarding passes, ticket stubs and even brochures of the places we visited. And paste them in the photo album journals. While Mel like to write, I take some of his journal notes to paste in the album too and string the pages to weave out a story. Very good tip indeed because it really works well!


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