The Atlas of Beauty: Travel and Photography Inspiration

The Atlas of Beauty Book Showcases Natural Beauty from All Over the World

How interesting would it be to quit your day job, get on a plane, and spend the next three years hopping from one country to another, and turning your dreams into a reality? Sounds crazy. However, that’s what successful thirty-year old Romanian photographer, Mihaela Noroc, did three years ago, when she started portrait photography.



Mihaela Noroc is the woman behind the world-famous project The Atlas of Beauty. She started backpacking and collecting portraits of women from around the globe, armed with a single goal: to show every woman that they are beautiful in each of their own way.

Noroc’s father was a painter, so she grew up surrounded by art, colors, and creativity at a very young age. Her father’s paintings inspired her to pursue photography, but the realization that she couldn’t earn money out of her passion held her back for quite some time. Years after that, she worked hard in other fields and started to set aside money for her project.

When Mihaela has finally saved cash for her world backpacking journey, she left her job, and traveled from Western Europe to the African Tribes. She roamed around the lively neighborhood of Brazilian Favelas, to the rough countryside of Colombia, from Rio de Janeiro to the exotic China. But she also photographed women from fancy areas of downtown New York, in the city of Oxford, England, and suburbs in Sydney, Australia.

Mihaela tried to capture beauty around the world, without too much make-up to immortalize the moment of serenity and sincerity—a couple of traits exclusive to women. Mihaela Noroc is particularly worried that time will come that all women will behave and dress the same way. Today, a lot of popular photo projects encourage people to look and act in one restrictive way, but we fail to realize that what makes us beautiful are our differences.


Despite the popularity of The Atlas of Beauty Project, Mihaela stayed modest and unassuming.



Mihaela tries to chat with every woman that she features in her workshop photos. She knows five different languages that gets her by during conversations, but she recalls that there were other occasions when body language becomes her way of communicating with these ladies.  She spends thirty seconds to an hour photographing women, depending on how she meets them. Mihaela narrated that there were also times when she meets a captivating lady on the street, while sometimes, she may have found a woman through social networking sites the day before.



Mihaela Noroc’s photography success is just a proof that nothing could ever get your way if you are truly passionate about what you do. Passion is what drives you to push the boundaries, the enthusiasm to get up in the morning, and the determination to go chase the dream. Without passion, you get stuck with a job that you hate. You will feel resentful and you will feel like you haven’t truly lived at all.



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