On Travel Photography: Types of Photos that Capture Powerful Stories

These Story-Telling Images Are the Next Big Thing in Your Photography Blog

I am a lover of the world. I always think of all the beautiful places I’ve been to and the chance to be able to explore their wonders. In my photography portfolio, you will see that I’ve become a travel writer myself, capturing the most interesting places, friendliest people, and all those magnificent landscapes—all for my passion in travel photography. But more than the images I capture is my interest in the stories that they create.

travel photography

As I look back at my first photography blogs, I began to reflect on the experiences I’ve encountered as I went from place to place as a travel photographer. I offered travel photography tips—like on business photography—so as to cater to the different needs of photographers. Aside from the common types of photography like landscape and wild photography, there’s so much more that you can capture. Here, I’d like to talk about the images that tell the most powerful stories.

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People. Capture children playing in the streets, or get a good outdoor portrait of a little girl. The smiling faces of children make a good story. You can also take pictures of leaders in a known country or of an unpopular tribe in the mountains. Whichever you choose, you will ultimately convey a message of the culture and hierarchy in their society, and how much significance these leaders have to their people. Don’t forget to include the common people you meet along the way.

Food. What are the locals proud of? Don’t settle for the fancy food prepared in 5-star hotels. Go to the sites where authenticity is still practiced. Most travel photography magazines only give you the feel-good food (and how to prepare them), but when capturing your own, always think of what the food tells you. Does it reflect their tradition? Is there an attached story to it? You can use this quick help on food photography.

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Religion. Experience praying with the monks, get inside a temple, pay respect to the Holy Cross in catholic churches, visit a cemetery. When it comes to religion, remember to go deep, because you will not only take the architecture or the icons, you also have to learn how the world practice religion.

Transportation. Every country has a different means of transportation. The public vehicles are a good subject for this. Take for example the Tuktuk’s of Bangkok or the gondolas in Italy. How do people get around? How does this affect their way of living? What’s more exciting is when you capture photos while traveling on their own transportation.

Photography is indeed not just about the photos but the awareness that they create, the understanding that they share, while meeting new people, and learning and experiencing new things. Go on! Get your photography gear and travel the world.

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