Keep that business travel guide handy for future use

12 excellent tips to follow in your next business trip

tips for corporate travel

Going on a business trip is one of the greater gains one can have working for a prestigious company. While you’re out to make deals, sign contracts or widen your company’s name, you can enjoy the free luxury your corporation already paid in advance for you. But going on a trip, or any trip for that matter, is not always a flourish. It would mean having to encounter several ill preparations and inconveniences.

Read these tips for corporate travel that a valuable employee like you will regard the next travel a truly memorable one.

Tip #1: Minimize the luggage

Common business travel problems and even regular traveler problems come to picture when one packs too much. One can get overexcited then over-plan, which results in bringing an extra bulk that only proves to be inconvenient. For business travelers, this is especially worse. So when you’re on work travel, just keep in mind to pack clothing that will go well with the rest and those you can layer easily. You’re still not going to wear 2/3 of it.

If traveling for business is a long one, an extra tip is to back a digital luggage scale. Weigh your luggage at home before the first flight or before heading home back to avoid those ghastly extra airport baggage fees.

Tip #2: Charge your electronics beforehand

From your mobile phone, laptop to your office tablet, you don’t want to run out of power whenever an important client is attempting to call you or you need to report important information. This is just wise preparation.

Tip #3: Make use of one luggage that’s handy and convenient

A corporate trip usually means less time spent on sight-seeing and more on settling or exploring business ventures. Be efficient and use just one go-to roller or bag – this will do. Checking in luggage would just be extra cost and hassle.

Tip #4: Dress nicely and carry clothes of dark shades

Aside from the fact that darker colors look more professional, it also diminishes, even completely hides stains if you happen to suddenly spill some food or drink on an expensive business suit. Always dress nicely because you also never know when there comes a time flights are oversold. Agencies pick the next flyers in line, and they usually choose flyers that appear smart and professional. You can even ask for upgrades. Put on the chicness and gain an advantage!

Tip #5: Lessen clothing wrinkles by packing them in dry cleaner bags

Another business travel advice would be to pack your dress shirts and other business clothing in dry cleaner plastic. You can even place them in the hotel’s hot shower right after the flight. This would take out any unwanted wrinkles.

business trip

Tip #6: Hop into one or two airlines at a time only

Whether it’s American Airlines or British Airways, one airline family ensures that that you are treated ace. From access to executive lounges, free meals, beverages, to upgrades you didn’t expect, doing so lessens inconveniences and assures the flight miles are secured—especially with international carriers.

Tip #7: Loyalty to business brands

Business trips earn a lot of great rewards especially with credit card companies and frequent flier miles. If you have just one, stick with it. If two, that’s excellent too. A rewards credit card is highly beneficial when you work as you travel. Think about all those points that convert to extra miles or coupons.

Tip #8: Order a special meal and get fine treatment

Business travel essentials say that during a flight, when you order a special meal from the airline food menu, you usually get served over other passengers. A special order usually connotes that the traveler is high-standard, so order one you like before you have to wait for your meal among the other passengers on the plane.

Tip #9: Non-stop and direct flights: know between two and two

Layovers are a business traveler’s worst nightmare. Corporate flights can get delayed and this can get quite unnerving for those that need to hop between one meeting to another. Remember that a direct flight may still have stopovers. However, you only need to remain inside the plane. No switching of aircrafts. As a business man traveler, it’s best you book a non-stop flight instead of direct.

Tip #10: Use travel apps to keep track of your flyer miles

It’s amazing how much perks you earn as a business traveler without realizing it. AwardWallet, Superfly, and Mileblaster are some wonderful application examples a business traveler can make use of.

business man traveler

Tip #11: Negotiate on automobile rental and hotel accommodations

While the company is usually responsible for all your bookings, if you’re hoping for a premium car (which is an ache on the wallet), always always negotiate first. That’s negotiating with a pleasant tone and personality of course. Extra tip: Request kindly for hotel upgrades and request when the hotel attendant is not hectic with work!

Tip #12: Be polite

Whether it’s staying at a 5-star hotel or dining in a fancy restaurant, remember to be always pleasant customer wherever you go. Being rude to employees can get your services in trouble. And kinder people are always considered first. Always be polite when meeting corporate magnates as well. Be courteous when addressing their names. Level with their preferred communication style and chit-chat only when appropriate.

Let’s hope this set of travel tips for business travelers will prove beneficial the next time you fly. Remember, you’re a professional, and you deserve professional comfort!

P.S. If you’re planning to do more traveling, and not solely for business this time, this article will prove beneficial for your next trip away from home!


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