To Female Travelers Who Want to Start Taking Trips Alone But Don’t Know How to Start

What to Do When Taking a Vacation Solo

The world has enough horrible elements to drive people to a safe corner. It’s no wonder why you are hesitant to travel solo. (tweet that)

You are scared of traveling alone because it means that you have to leave two important factors that make you feel safe – familiar faces and places. The first few trips will be terrifying, and there will be moments in your trip that will make you miss your loved ones. But, the drawbacks of solo travel are nothing compared to the benefits that the individual receives.

Why You Should Start Traveling Solo

Solo travel is an opportunity for discovery. You will gain new experiences to brag about, new friends to laugh with, and new challenges to conquer.

Traveling Solo

But, no matter where you go, the best discovery that solo travel can offer you is self-discovery. Solo travel will make you realize that you are the gallant heroine of your own tale.

Here’s a travel checklist that will build your confidence for a solo trip. Click the link to get your guide, and start planning for your solo adventure!

traveling alone

You are strong. You have the capacity to do great things. You just have to realize that for yourself. And taking that trip will do so much to help you attain these realizations. Traveling solo can help uncover the strengths you never knew you had.

traveling solo tips

And for every woman out there who’s always been troubled about her skin color and her waist size, when you travel solo, you will realize that the standards of beauty around the world are varied. You can never please everyone, so you shouldn’t try. When you spare a little time for yourself, you will learn to be comfortable in your own skin.

solo vacation

And, eventually, you will learn that traveling alone doesn’t necessarily equate to solitude. When you travel, your days will be filled with hospitable locals and enthusiastic travelers who don’t mind sharing beautiful memories with foreign strangers.

When you’re ready to start traveling alone, be sure to follow these tips to have a safe, comfortable, and fun-filled solo vacation.

How to Travel Alone

How to start

Venture into solo travel at your own pace. You don’t have to do extreme adventures right away. You can start with countries or cities you’ve been to before. For your first solo trips, you can do activities that you’re comfortable with.

how to travel solo

But don’t say no to new things. Try one or two exciting activities that you’ve never done before. The new experiences you do will eventually get you to feel confident about traveling solo.

How to avoid unwanted attention

A few shady characters will prey on the vulnerable. To avoid unwanted attention, you should act like you know what you’re doing. When it comes to solo traveling, confidence might not be achieved in the first trips. So, if you know in your heart that you aren’t confident, try to act as if you are.

how to travel aloneAlso, stop looking like a tourist. Tourists can easily be spotted in a crowd because they carry too many things with them. You don’t need to show off your camera, your iPad, and your iPhone all at once.

How to take photos

Be friendly. Don’t be afraid to approach fellow travelers, and ask them to take your photo. If you can’t find someone, then you should pack your three-legged friend: your tripod.

solo travelers

If all else fails, get a sturdy selfie stick. The GoPro selfie stick is well-loved by solo travelers. It can keep up with land, water, and sky adventures.

How to feel confident about this terrifying new adventure

Prepare. Research will raise your confidence. Numerous female solo travelers offer guides that can teach you how to travel solo. They can offer a bunch of tips that will get you to pack your things, prepare your trip, and plot your travel itinerary. Read, so you can prepare a safe and enjoyable trip.

If you’re still learning how to travel solo, you can tour these safe destinations to help you gain the confidence you need to jump-start this new chapter in your life.

Best Destinations for First-Time Solo Travelers









New Zealand

New Zealand

P.S. Once you’re back from your adventures, you should write about your travels, and teach others how to travel solo, so you can earn the money for more luxurious trips abroad. Click here if you want to be a travel writer.


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