A 5-minute guide on how to get into photography

Photography is an art form meant for representing reality in photographs.(click to tweet) It is a way of depicting certain truths in the manner the photographer perceives it.

how to get into photography

To do this, you must be one with your camera. And, you must know the necessary techniques to capture reality in stills. If you want to move beyond your hobby, learn from this photography guide to enhance your skills.

Photography 101

1. Get a camera

You don’t have to start with the big guns right away. There are DSLR cameras that cost less than your smartphone. Don’t spend too much on your first equipment. You can even get a secondhand camera.

how to pick your first camera

Photography is an expensive craft. Since you’re still learning the basics, you shouldn’t waste money on equipment you don’t know how to use. Buy expensive ones when you’re confident that you don’t need a salesman to tell you what to buy.

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2. Learn how to use your camera

An expensive camera that is capable of producing high-quality photographs won’t be able to serve its purpose if you don’t know how to operate it.

how to use your dslr camera

It’s not the camera that defines you as a photographer. It’s how well you can use your camera to produce high-quality photographs.

The knobs on your camera have their own functions. Learn how to use them to improve your photography techniques. For instance, the Aperture Priority (Av or A) button determines the size of the lens’ opening.

how to operate your camera

A big aperture, which refers to small numbers such as f/1.4 or f/2, allows a smaller depth of focus. This puts the subject in sharp focus, while leaving the rest of the background out of focus.

Get your camera, and familiarize its features – ISO, metering, focusing, etc. Before you get to pull off different types of photography techniques, you need to learn how to use your camera to produce those techniques.

3. Take photography classes

Learn from the professionals. Take photography workshops.

photography workshops

The best thing about taking a photography class is having the opportunity to be evaluated. Your mentor and your fellow classmates can judge your photos. They can tell you your strengths and your weaknesses. This way, you get to improve your skills.

4. Find a subject that inspires you

Learning how to capture the perfect photo will be easier once you find a subject that inspires you.

find inspiration for your photographs

Find inspiration in people, landscapes, wildlife, or art. You should enjoy what you do. It there’s a particular niche that inspires you, go for it. Find subjects that feed you energy.

5. Practice what you’ve learned

Once you’ve identified your subjects, put what you’ve learned into practice.

how to become a better photographer

If you want to build a career in photography, know that the salary of a photographer greatly depends on his skills. The more people are impressed, the more clients you get.

The path to growth is riddled with a bunch of mistakes and failures. In order for you to succeed, you need to accept those mistakes, and learn from them.

Practice will get you to master your craft. Once you continue to grow and develop your skills, you will need better equipment. You will go beyond what you’ve learned, and, eventually, you will develop your own style.

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