Social Media Photography Tips That You Should Follow

When your friends’ photos receive more appreciation than yours, it can be a bit frustrating, especially when you’ve taken photos of the same scenic landscapes and entrancing subjects.

What could you possibly have done wrong?

how to get your photographs noticed on social media

If your photos are not getting enough likes, you might be guilty of several photography or social media blunders. You could either be applying too many filters, or you could be doing so little effort to get those photos noticed.

Want to do better? Here are a few techniques to boost your photography and social media game.

How to Improve Your Photography for Social Media:

1. Apply photography techniques.

You should, at the very least, learn the basic techniques of photography to improve your shots. Yes, even though you have expensive gear, if you don’t know how to capture life in stills, you won’t be able to attract the followers you want.

Bring diversity and appeal into your feed with these tricks:

a. Rule of the thirds.

The subject of your photographs should be the center of attention, but it doesn’t mean that you should place all your subjects at the center of every photo.

Have you ever noticed lines in Instagram or your digital camera? The lines are a photography technique called the Rule of Thirds.

photography techniques for your social media

Placing your subjects solely in the middle of your photographs can be boring and dull. But if your subjects are cleverly positioned on those lines, your photographs can be interesting and appealing to the eye.

If your device doesn’t have a built-in Rule of Thirds option, then take your photos as if you are guided by those lines.

b. Framing.

Framing is a photography technique that emphasizes the subject of your photograph. By enclosing your subject with a frame, it draws your audience’s eyes to it.

how to use framing for social media photography

With this technique, your subject effortlessly becomes the main focus, leaving everything else to fade into the background.

how to improve your social media photographs

Framing isn’t limited to windows and doorways. Get creative! You can use the elements in your setting to highlight your subject.

photography techniques for social media

For example, in this photo, this cave frames and highlights the beautiful cove that lies ahead. Moreover, the absence of light in the cave helps emphasize the blue hues of the sky and the sea. Objects in the background aren’t the only option for framing your subject, light can also be a great way to emphasize your subjects.

c. Silhouettes.

With silhouettes, you can create romantic, and poignant photographs. When your subject’s dark outline is flattered by the scarlet and orange backdrop that is a sunset, your audience will be in pure awe.

how to shoot against the light

Before you go out and capture those silhouettes, decide on a subject that has a prominent outline, then find the perfect spot to emphasize that outline.

The setting sun in your background provides a dramatic flare even to the most mundane objects. Even the weeds look magical in silhouettes.

how to photograph silhouettes

Silhouettes aren’t only for sunsets; you can shoot them even when the sky is blue.

how to shoot amazing silhouettes

During the day, the light is quite powerful. If you are in the wrong position, your subject could be engulfed by light. If you don’t want your subject to drown in the sun’s radiance, then block a good portion of it.

d. Black and White.

Photographs in black and white are so powerful and timeless. They don’t even need color to tell their story.

black and white photography tips

If you want to take a good black and white photo, remember the following:

  • Shoot photographs in full color. Shoot RAW files to get the best possible quality.
  • Never use the black and white option in your camera. Editing software can do better at converting colored photographs to black and white.
  • Lower your ISO levels to minimize the noise.

2. Get better lighting.

Light greatly affects the output of your photographs. If you know the right techniques, then you won’t have to overdo those filters.

For social media photographers who enjoy taking selfies, here are a few tricks to emphasize your gorgeous features:

a. Get in the right position.

broad lighting tips for your photographs

The broad lighting style will save you the trouble of spending for a softbox. Slightly turning your subject away from the light source creates less shadows on the side facing the camera, thus making light dominate most of the subject’s façade.

But know that this lighting style makes your subject appear broader or wider. If you want a more flattering and slimming technique for your selfies, use short lighting.

portrait lighting techniques for social media

Short lighting creates the right amount of shadows to emphasize the subject’s features – nose, cheekbones, etc. To achieve this look, your subject must be slightly turned towards the light.

b. Know the right time of the day to take your photos.

  • When it’s a cloudy day, it’s a great time to shoot those black and white photos.

how to take black and white photographs

Again, always shoot in full color. Use editing software to convert your photographs to black and white for better outputs.

  • The golden hours are a great time to do rim lighting photography.

photography techniques for a better social media feed

Rim lighting is a technique that enables you to outline and wrap your subjects with light. That golden glow is because of rim lighting.

  • Sunsets are for silhouettes.

A lot of people fail to see and appreciate the red and orange hues of a sunset. People know that it’s breathtaking, but their daily woes make them forget how to appreciate this sight.

sunset photography techniques

Take the opportunity to photograph this wonder, stop your audience in their tracks, and remind them of what they are missing.

It will gradually become easier for you to create stunning photographs once you’ve familiarized these photography techniques. Aside from knowing the basics of photography, you must know the basic rules of social media to get those beautiful photos noticed.

Capturing self-portraits is not an easy task to do. Check out this guide, and get to know the basics of portrait photography.

How to make your images for social media visible:

1. Never neglect the caption box.

Say something about your photos! This not only allows you to engage your audience, it helps establish your brand identity. Your audience will have an idea of what you represent from the concerns or facts you mention in your captions. It’s a great way to gain a loyal audience.

2. Channel the power of the hashtag!

Never underestimate the hashtag. When people are bored, they do look up random ways to entertain themselves. If a person has an itch to travel, to eat, or to drool on adorable pet photos, they will simply surf the net.

Adding the hashtag to your photos will make it easier for those couch potatoes to see your photographs.

3. Add links to your website or blog.

Aside from those captions, you should also provide links to your website or blog to drive traffic there.

As long as you stick to these basics, you will be safe. However, if you want to be at the top of the game, you must always strive to learn new ways and techniques, and you must always practice until you get the best results.

P.S. More and more social media photographers are producing photo books. Even Murad Osmann is publishing a book that contains his well-loved Instagram photos. Want to know more? Learn about the essentials of creating a photo book in this guide.


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