Photography: Top Tips to Make Money Traveling Abroad

If you’re an avid fan of lifestyle channels like TLC, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve developed a penchant for traveling. However, if you think that the life of a travel photographer is no work and all play, you’re wrong about that.

Do you want to get paid to travel?

Before you do anything rash, know that freelance work can be exhausting. When you’re still new to this field, you may even find the work brutal. Like any other business, gaining the loyalty of an audience isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

As long as you’re exerting the necessary effort and carrying out the right steps, in time, your platform will grow. And eventually, you can earn as much as, or probably even greater than, what you can earn from a desk job.

how to make money while traveling abroadIt may be tough, but once you travel, the world will be there to reassure you that your efforts were not in vain.

Do you know Murad Osmann? This Instagram famous photographer is now an author of his own photo book. Learn from his example, and earn the extra money by publishing photo books.

As a photographer, you will need to exploit your skills if you want a shot at this kind of lifestyle. You might even have to cross over several fields to finance your travels. In terms of photography, there are several opportunities that can fund your travels. And you might have to engage in a few of them.

How to make money while traveling:

1. Up your social media game.

 Why do you need to have a strong social media presence?

promote your brand on social mediaBefore anything else, try to promote your brand on social media. When you have a loyal following, it will be easier to develop your platform. You can draw an audience to your blog, your photography business, etc.

Increase your visibility on social media, so you can attract new and existing audience to other aspects of your brand.

2. Blog about your adventures!

Blogging isn’t easy. Yes, you can put your content on the web, but it doesn’t guarantee a readership. Again, if you have a decent amount of followers on social media, you can drive traffic to your blog.

how to earn from travel bloggingTravel blogging is tough. You need to have high-quality work to gain the audience you need. Moreover, it won’t pay the bills, unless you can rake in thousands of followers every month.

Bloggers can earn from the ad services in their blog. This works best when you’ve got a decent following. The more people are lured in by those ads, the more you earn from them.

Moreover, you can indulge in brand partnerships too. You can sign up as an affiliate for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, clothing brands, etc. Both parties benefit from these partnerships. You promote their work, and they will do the same for you. With a blog, you can gain several opportunities to earn a living while traveling – you can sell your photos on your blog and earn from freelance travel writing.

3. Be a travel contributor for news or magazine networks.

Numerous websites or blogs will pay you to write about your travels. Large networks will probably do their best to scrutinize your work, but if you pitch them a new and interesting idea, they wouldn’t say no to it.

This is the perfect time to show off your skills as a photographer and to spread what you’ve learned as a traveler.

freelance travel writingRead a network’s travel blog. Get to know their voice.

how to travel and make moneyReflect on your travels. Dig deep for new angles. Write and don’t be afraid to submit your work. If you really want to earn while traveling, look for travel magazines, news networks, and other blogs that will pay you to guest post.

4. Teach your craft!

As you travel the world, you will not only get to see picturesque sights, you will meet people who are interested in learning how to capture the picture-perfect moments of their lives.

how travel photographers can earn while traveling the worldWherever the wind takes you, you can always choose to hold photography workshops! Advertise it on your blog or social media, and give out clear instructions on how to enroll and pay for your class. This way, you can finance your travels and talk about your craft.

5. Sell your photographs.

Free stock photos are usually exhausted resources. Companies and bloggers are constantly on the look out for new photographs. And yes, this is where you come in.

You can sell your photographs to stock websites. Yes, people do pay for great photos.

how to make money as a travel photographerUnlike social media, you don’t need to lurk on these sites every day. You simply need to publish well-taken photographs, and that will generate the profit you need.

Aside from iStock, you can publish your photos on Alamy and SmugMug.

how to earn from stock photosYou can get 60% of each sale made in Alamy.

how travel photographers can earn while travelingOn the other hand, SmugMug serves as an online portfolio of your photography. You can display your work, set your own prices, and sell them on this website.

Your options don’t end online. If you want to get paid while traveling, then take photos of restaurants, travel clothing, and travel equipment brands.

how to get paid to travelThere’s a possibility that they would buy your photos. In addition, you can take pictures of tourist spots and sell them to tour companies and tourism boards.

6. Sell your designs.

Photographers are usually great with Photoshop. If you are, too, you can sell your designs on a website such as Society6. They already have their band of loyal followers and they can sell your work for a sweet deal.

Your designs can be on mugs, tote bags, T-shirts, and other products that the website offers.

how to earn from your designsWith Society6, you simply have to do the designs. They will manufacture the products and take care of the shipping for you.

There are several other platforms like Society6. These companies have different perks and offer varied services. Do your research, and go with what you think will help you reach your goals.

If you’re still new at this, do your research, create a plan, and manage your time. Pick out the things you can do, and devise strategies that can get you to maximize your profits.

P.S. If you’ve amassed a number of blog posts, you can compile them, and publish an ebook. You can do it seasonally, or annually. Ebooks won’t cost you a lot, but you can earn extra income from it. If you’re interested, this guide will help you.

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