How to Plan a Vacation Trip: The Essential Checklist You Need to Accomplish Before You Leave

The steps travelers must take to plan a vacation.

The earth is a huge canvas coated with the avant-garde culture of modern industries and streaked with beautiful remnants of the ancient worlds. Despite the changes that our planet has witnessed and the havoc that man has caused through the years, it still harbors sublime destinations – natural and man-made – that can render anyone speechless.

Why should you plan a vacation?

The world is filled with colorful valleys of flowers, crystal waters, breathtaking peaks, and numerous peculiar, yet interesting, locations.

your travel checklist

It would be a shame to stay cooped up in your house when there’s so much for you to see and experience. Do know that you can travel across the globe if you’re willing to prepare ahead for it. The right kind of planning will get you to wherever your heart desires.

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how to plan a vacation

Follow this checklist when you’re ready to plan your vacation:


  1. Choose a country, a city, or a town. Planning a vacation always starts with identifying a travel destination. Knowing the locale makes it easier for you to create a budget plan. Doing your research will get you to prepare a safe, comfortable, and meaningful journey.
  2. Set the length of your trip. When are you leaving? And how long do you plan to travel? Your budget greatly depends on the length of your stay.
  3. Create a travel itinerary.

how to make a travel itinerary

Take note of the length of your trip and the time you will allot to travel to those destinations. Don’t stuff your list with a bunch of activities. Make sure you have the right amount of time allotted to each item in your itinerary. Remember that you’re on vacation. Allow yourself to enjoy every single item on that list.

4. Research about the local cuisine. How much does a meal cost? If the local food is too much for you, then look for restaurants that serve the food you want. Don’t forget to look into the average costs of those restaurants, so you can add it to your budget plan.


  1. Book a flight. Airfare is cheaper if you purchase them a couple of months before your departure. And if you travel on certain seasons, you can get huge discounts!
  2. Research about the modes of transportation. How are you going to get from one item in your itinerary to another? How much is it going to cost you? This will help you budget your trip and organize your travel schedule.


  1. Find a place to stay. Again, it all depends on your destination. If you want to enjoy hotel amenities and their tour packages, then inquire!
  2. If you plan on backpacking, there are several inns and hostels that fit your budget.
  3. You can also crash on a stranger’s couch. Yes, that may sound weird, but there are several warm-hearted strangers who understand the spirit of travel. And they are offering their homes to fellow travel enthusiasts. These people won’t charge you a cent!

how to find cheap travel accommodations

Check out There may be a kind local in your desired vacation spot who is offering travelers a place to stay.

Money and Costs

  1. Use your ATM. Find out if you can withdraw from your ATM in the country you’re visiting. If your card is associated with Plus, Cirrus, or Maestro, you might not have trouble finding an ATM. Plus is associated with Visa, while Cirrus and Maestro are associated with MasterCard.
  2. Understand foreign transaction fees.

When you’re traveling abroad, your bank might charge you more than the usual.

  • Most banks charge higher fees for international ATM withdrawals. Fees can range from $2-5 dollars.
  • Often times, banks will charge you a percentage fee. 1-3% of the total amount of your withdrawals will be your transaction fee.

Ask your bank about their rates so you will know what you’re dealing with. You wouldn’t want to waste a good amount of your savings on those fees.

  1. Use ATMs that won’t charge fees.

The Schwab Bank doesn’t charge transaction fees for foreign withdrawals. If you got banks like this on your side, you can definitely avoid those nasty transaction to withdraw and carry cash for your travels

The checking account reimburses transaction fees charged by other banks. Those transaction fees will be reimbursed by the end of every month. With this, you won’t have to worry about finding an ATM.

4. Don’t exchange your bills in random currency exchange locations. They have terrible conversion rates!

Health & Safety

Get an insurance. Yes, you don’t want to think about bad experiences while you are on vacation, but these accidents or tragedies do happen. Always be prepared!

why you need insurance for your travelsTravel insurance covers simple matters, such as breaking a camera or a laptop. It also covers medical emergencies. Furthermore, if you need to cancel your entire trip or fly back to your country right away because of unanticipated problems, such as sudden illness or serious injury, your insurance will cover the costs.

travel insurance for globetrottersSaving Money

  1. Cut back on Starbucks. In a number of countries, $4 is already a fancy meal.
  2. Cook your meals.

how to save for your travels

Eating out will spare you the effort of cooking, but it will get you to spend more.

3. Say NO to consecutive nights out. Booze is expensive. Clubbing is, too. Cut back on those expenses, so you will have more money for your travels.

4. Lower your utility bill. Learn to conserve energy. Turn off those lights when they’re not needed. Close the tap; don’t let the water flow the entire time you’re brushing your teeth.


  1. Check your luggage. Make sure your bags are in pristine condition. If that strap looks like it’s about to break, don’t even think of using it.
  2. Check the weather. If you’re traveling to tropical regions, then bring the right attire. Thick and dark colored fabrics will only make you sweat heavily. Give some thought to your outfits!
  3. Where are you going to stay? If your lodging provides your bath essentials, then there’s no need to pack for it.
  4. What are you going to do? If you’re climbing mountains or swimming with Nemo, make sure you’ve got the right attire packed. Buying these things on the road will be an extra expense. It will ruin the budget.

Take a little break from your job. Give yourself a chance to breathe. Travel the world and make beautiful memories with the people you love most. Don’t even worry about going solo! You will find home in the unlikeliest of places – unfamiliar lands will be your sanctuary, and foreign strangers who can barely even speak your native tongue will be your good friends.

how to travel the worldTreat yourself! Yes, you deserve the world.

P.S. When you find yourself unconditionally and irrevocably in love with the world, grab this opportunity to write about your adventures, and earn for your future travels.

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