Budget Travels: 6 Thrifty Methods You Must Do if You Want to Travel Cheap

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.”

-St. Augustine

The world is filled with countless stunning landscapes and innumerable dreamers who want to explore them. Most of the time, these dreamers, sadly, live up to their name. Their desire to travel is often flailed by an undeniable reality – that traveling can cost a lot of money.

It’s not that these people don’t have any desire to travel. These people choose not to because of financial constraints.

Traveling doesn’t have to be lavish. Yes, you can have the time of your life and travel on a budget! Once you know the right preparations, you can travel half-way across the world and have a blast, while sticking to your budget.

Follow these budget travel tips:

1. Locate your travel destination.

Before you take the ride, think of where you want to go.

cheap vacation ideasPlanning ahead never hurts. Planning your entire trip before it actually happens will allow you to discover great budget travel ideas. You can find affordable lodging and restaurants. You can also find fun activities that fit your budget!

2. Learn the best season for traveling to your desired destination.

Knowing the best time to travel to a particular country is a wise move.

You can’t control every single aspect of your trip, but you should do what you can to travel safely. Aside from safety issues, knowing the optimal time for traveling will guarantee a worthwhile adventure.

Need to minimize travel costs? Follow this checklist if you want to plan ahead and save for your dream vacation.

best time of year to travelIf you’re planning to catch some rays in the tropics, then don’t travel during the rainy season. You won’t get tan lines from those rain showers!

Also, airline tickets drop drastically at certain times of the year. Do your research so you can get the best airfare deals!

3. Purchase airline tickets weeks or months before your departure date.

Book your flights early to get the lowest airfare rates.

when to book a flightThe money you saved can be allotted to your lodging expenses, or on souvenirs.

4. Find a quaint hotel that will be your home away from home.

Hostels are perfect for budget travelers.

budget hotelsThe food and lodging are within your price range. And, their rooms can definitely be your home away from home. Moreover, it’s a great way to meet fellow travelers. You can always learn a few things from the people you meet during your travels.

5. Create an itinerary that fits your budget.

Look for fun activities you want to do, and find affordable local cuisines that you want to binge on.

Locate the sights that you want to visit!

plan your travel itineraryDon’t forget to research about the modes of transportation to get there. How far is it? How much are you going to spend for transportation?

Your itinerary must fit both your schedule and your budget.

6. Pack what you need so you won’t have to buy things along the way.

Keep your destination and your lodging in mind when you’re packing your suitcase.

how to pack for a tripIf you’re staying at a budget hotel, you won’t have to bring towels or toiletries. However, when it comes to hostels, you may have to pack your own. Hostels don’t always offer free towels. In some cases, you can rent them.

You must be aware of the lodging amenities so you will know what to pack, and you can avoid additional expenses.

If you remain faithful to these 6 methods, you can travel without ever causing harm to your bank account! To further motivate you, here are a few destinations to sate your wanderlust.

Cheap Places to Travel

1. Vietnam

budget travel destination: Vietnam2. China

budget travel destination: China3. Bolivia

budget travel destination: Bolivia4. Peru

budget travel destination: Peru5. Istanbul

budget travel destination: Istanbul

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