Wanderlust: 5 Qualities You Need to Embody Before You Travel Abroad

The vivacious colors of the sceneries you discover from travel books and guides are, without a doubt, enticing. However, there’s more to globetrotting than seeing jaw-dropping landscapes.

Traveling is an opportunity to learn about the world from the perspective of other cultures. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying at a posh hotel or a backpacker’s inn. When you travel, you see numerous elements of a certain part of the world that aren’t as prominent in yours – poverty, gender bias, etc.

Traveling will give you a few reasons to appreciate the things that you have. But more importantly, it will give you infinite reasons to love the world and protect it.

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Some cultures perceive women as emotional and weak.

tips for traveling overseasBut when you see how women, such as the tea pickers of India, working at ungodly hours just to feed their families, you will think otherwise.

As you travel, you will, most likely, develop reasons to fight for gender equality, for the elimination of poverty, for the conservation of natural resources, and so much more. But, before you realize your advocacies, you might encounter culture shock. After all, traveling opens your eyes to several harsh yet often spoken realities. And travel guides don’t usually include open-mindedness in their tips for traveling overseas.

You must be emotionally and mentally ready for your trip abroad. If you want to immerse yourself in different cultures and bask in the world’s beauty, pay attention to this unique travel checklist.

Tips for traveling abroad:

1. Be adventurous.

If you’re not from this area, then obviously, you don’t get to see this every day.

safety tips for traveling abroadIf it takes a long hike to get there, don’t back down. Have a sense of adventure!

2. Be unprejudiced.

When you travel abroad, you meet a plethora of differences – in terms of culture, religious beliefs, language, lifestyle, food, and more.

Their food may look odd, and might not have been cooked in a kitchen like yours, but it doesn’t mean it tastes bad.

writing travel blogs3. Be observant.

Learn from your travels. Plunge into another culture. Appreciate their art, architecture, and language. Meet the locals. Make new friends.

And as they say, “Live. Love. Laugh.”

travel abroad programs4. Be Optimistic.

Things will not always go as planned. Yes, you might get lost.

writing travel guidesAnd yes, the sunny paradise you hoped for might have a couple of rain showers.

instagram for travel writersBut, that is the point of an adventure. You will never know what will happen unless you buy the ticket and take the ride.

5.  Be humble.

Don’t compare your lifestyle to the ones you see in your travels. Don’t criticize people because they are different. After all, different isn’t always a bad thing.

Traveling helps you unravel the mystery of happiness.

writing good travel storiesYou will see WiFi-less worlds and meet people who’ve never seen an iPad.

Yet, they can be happier, content, and more thankful than you.

writing travel journalsSo, leave your prejudices behind, revel in the beauty of your adventure, and hunger for life.

important tips for traveling abroadIf you remember to pack these tips when you travel, you will have a tremendously great adventure ahead of you!


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  1. I love this post – I love this quote – “Be humble – Don’t compare your lifestyle to the ones you see in your travels. Don’t criticize people because they are different. After all, different isn’t always a bad thing.” – I would change only one thing “different is NEVER a bad thing” 🙂 #peace

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