Photography 101: 10 Commandments for Beginners

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Just because you’re using a telephoto lens attached to a Nikon D3300 or a Canon EOD 70D doesn’t mean you’re already a photographer. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way, my friend. But if you want to be labeled as one, then you have to earn your title.

Mind you, it might not be an easy journey so why don’t we start learning the most basic photography tips and tricks for beginners now?

Date your camera.

Yup, that sounds crazy, but it’s helpful. Why? Because when you “date” your camera, you will get to know it better. Every button, lens, and setting – you will know how and when to use them. Aside from that, you will know your device’s strengths and weakness so you will also know how to take care of it to make it last longer. So, start reading that camera manual and carefully tinker your new device.

If you want to make stunning photographs, click here to learn various rules of photography composition.

Stop the beep.

You know, that beep sound whenever your camera focuses on a subject? It might be music to your ears, but it’s an annoying noise to other people. It can even distract your subject and take away the moment that you want to snap. This is especially true if you’re taking photos of animals in the wild because the beep will scare them off. Just turn off that beep and enjoy looking into the viewfinder.

Learn how to compose.

Just like how you place the notes properly in order to create great music, you also need to arrange the elements of your image. You need to establish your foreground, middle ground, and background in order to get the focus right. And if you don’t know how to do it, then you better start reading photography composition tips to take your skills to the next level.

Employ automatic mode.

Nobody gets it right the first time. So, while you’re still new to photography, then try to use the automatic mode of the camera. Just use it while you’re still getting the hang of snapping quaint scenes and interesting subjects. Once you’re ready to go manual, just turn the mode switch to the mode that you want to utilize.

Take down notes on photography techniques.

Come on, this is the modern world. Just type some keywords on Google and you will learn a lot about photography techniques that you can use. And make sure to apply what you’ve read whenever you can, okay?

Avoid common photography mistakes.

I know, even geniuses can make a few mistake sometimes. But you can lessen your errors by getting to know the most common mistakes of them all. This way, you know what types of things to avoid and how to do it. Easy, isn’t it?

Elude the flash.

Most beginners think that a camera flash is needed ALL THE TIME. Well, not you. Just keep it in mind that there are numerous ways to let more light into your lens rather than using the flash of your camera. Like, if you’re shooting indoors, you can increase the ISO from 800 up to 1600 or you can also use the widest aperture.

Stop the blur.

It’s important to stay still when shooting an image. But sometimes, no matter how still you are, the photo is still blurry. Maybe there is not enough light that reaches the sensor, hence the camera cannot take a sharper image. If that’s the case, then you choose a higher ISO setting, increase your shutter and use a tripod or an I.S. (Image Stabilization) lens. Or, you can use your camera flash to freeze any movement. But you might also want to check your autofocus mode, maybe you have just used the wrong one.

Save photos in high resolution.

You want to save more photos? Then buy additional memory cards but never ever save your photos at a low resolution. Keep it in mind that no matter how great your subject is, no one will notice its beauty if the image is pixelated. More importantly, if you want to edit the image in the future, your options will be very limited.

Make sure you’re having a good time.

Really, it’s a no-brainer. When you’re having the time of your life while taking photos, you will notice that the images will come out great too. Some people say that since photography is an art, it relies on our emotions too. So, be happy and snap some photos away.

There you have it, folks! These are the ten commandments of photography for beginners. Why don’t you start practicing them today?

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