Top Tips for Backpacking Success

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Want to travel the world for as long as you want, instead of for as long as your bank account permits? It’s possible.(tweet that) You can really tour your way around the world even with a tiny budget as long as you’re packed with the right information. Here are some tips to help you backpack your way to the world without a hint of worry. Read on.

  1. Get creative

To achieve backpacking success, thinking outside the box is a must. For instance, when it comes to transportation, you can always save on airfare by visiting online discount airline sites. Signing up to get alerts every time cheap deals become available is a great way to stay updated. Another trick is splitting your flight instead of booking a long, direct flight. This can help you save a bunch of bucks; plus, get to stop at other destinations.

  1. Avoid charges for going to the toilet

Some countries have charges for their public toilets. Not only will it hurt your wallet in the long run, this can also lead you to resort to unhygienic and inconvenient options, such as peeing in the beach or waiting until you get back to your hostel. Luckily, fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King are here to save the day! Aside from offering cheap food, they also provide free, public toilets.

  1. Never leave without buying travel insurance online

Just because you’re looking to experience an independent travel adventure without all the fuss of mainstream travel doesn’t mean you should leave without travelers insurance. Always carry insurance with you wherever you go as this can protect you from various travel inconveniences –from delayed flights and lost luggage, to stolen belongings and other medical emergencies. Before buying one though, be sure to find travel insurance reviews first so you know you’re getting the right product.

Need good travel insurance? Click here for a good recommendation.

  1. Pack a hand washing powder

Traveling light is one commandment most backpackers swear by because of the savings they get from not having to pay check-in luggage. But traveling light also means you have pay for the laundry. To avoid this cost, consider bringing hand washing powder from home and washing your own clothes from your hostel.

  1. Don’t exchange cash immediately upon arriving at your destination

To make sure you’re getting the right exchange rate when traveling overseas, avoid exchanging money at the airport of your destination. Sometimes they may offer cheap rates but actually have hidden charges. Avoid getting ripped off by changing your home currency while you’re still in your country, at least just enough for you to get around the place you’re visiting.

For most people, backpacking is no longer just a hobby anymore but a way of life. It proves that while some of the good things in life may not be free, they’re at least within reach as long as you have the guts, perseverance and wits. So if you’re planning to go on a backpacking trip of a lifetime, do follow and remember these tips!

P.S Anyone can indulge in budget travels. As long as you know where to go, and how to prepare for your journey, you can travel travel cheap. This travel guide will teach you all about budget travels.


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