Interview with LitFire Publishing’s Marketing Manager, Richard Stephens – Part 4

How should non-writers face self-publishing?

Learn from travel and photography authors’ publishing experiences in this interview with Richard Stephens, Marketing Manager of LitFire Publishing.

LitFire Publishing opened its doors to aspiring authors in 2008. They started out as a publisher of digital books. But today, with hundreds of book titles under their belt, they can offer authors several digital and print publishing services. And with over 50 publishing partners, they won’t break a sweat when they promote and distribute books.

LitFire’s main headquarters is in Atlanta, GA.

What are the expectations from non-writers like travelers and photographers who want to publish a book with Litfire Publishing?

Travelers and photographers have high expectations for their books and their marketing campaigns. Since these types of authors come with an active lifestyle, they expect their publishing activities to keep up with their pace.

According to Richard, when it comes to travelers, since they’ve seen a great part of a country, or the world, perhaps, they usually want to publish a book that contains all that they’ve seen and experienced in one of their adventures. So, when it comes these authors, the usual LitFire publishing jobs are doubled – editing, cover design, and interior layout.

Travelers and photographers have seen the best and the worst that the world has to offer. And, they want their books to show these realities to several parts of the world that aren’t familiar with them. “With these authors, the LitFire Publishing House not only thinks out of the box, we break the box to please these authors. We always need to create aesthetically pleasing books that also tug at their reader’s heartstrings,” Richard states.

The same goes for photographers.

He declares, “As a publisher, it’s our job to ensure that their book communicates their message effectively. Photo books don’t say much with words, but with pictures.”

When asked how they make photo books, he says, “We do this by making the interior layout pleasing to the eye. We arrange the photographs in the right order. And, we make them tell a story. It shouldn’t be too much. Simplicity is everything when it comes to photo books.”

Aside from all that, photographers are very particular with the printing. They want their books to be printed with the best quality. He confidently states, “That’s not a problem. We always deliver the quality they need.”

According to Richard, travel and photography authors like to get involved with their marketing campaigns. “We help them establish their brand, and we teach them marketing tricks so they can reach as many people as they can. Most photographers and travelers have great social skills, so it’s really no hassle” he states.


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