Interview with LitFire Publishing’s Marketing Manager, Richard Stephens – Part 3

How can non-writers publish books?

Learn how non-writers can publish books as Richard Stephens, Marketing Manager of LitFire Publishing, talks about his publishing experience with travelers and photographers.

LitFire Publishing opened its doors to aspiring authors in 2008. They started out as a publisher of digital books. But today, with hundreds of book titles under their belt, they can offer authors several digital and print publishing services. And with over 50 publishing partners, they won’t break a sweat when they promote and distribute books.

LitFire’s main headquarters is in Atlanta, GA.

How can non-writers like travelers and photographers publish their own book? What are the guidelines they need to follow?

“Travelers and photographers often have blogs to showcase their skills, their travels, and their lifestyle. So, when it comes to writing, there isn’t much of a problem. They can simply take material from their blogs, and publish an e-book,” Richard answers.

Travelers and photographers who blog should decide on a topic can compile the best posts on that topic, arrange them, maybe do a few tweaks, and then prepare for publishing.

For non-writers, Richard suggests a photo book as a great idea.

Richard affirms, “Thanks to the digital age, authors can utilize inexpensive ways to get their book out to the world. One method is to publish e-books. There are self-publishing platforms that will allow them to do so for free. But since it’s free, the publisher often does so little to make the book ready for publication. For example, in terms of designing a book cover, the publisher will, most likely, offer authors free tools, but when it comes to creating the cover, it is all up to them.”

When asked about other options, he mentions, “Freelance is always an option. You can find freelance writers, editors, and designers lurking on the web. They’re all over the place.”

Even though publishing a book to online book retailers won’t cost a thing, getting it publication-ready will. If an author gets an editor, that’s going to cost money. If one needs a designer, that’s obviously another expense. And, a travel book, or a photography book is loaded with pictures. If one doesn’t print on demand, it’s going to be expensive, especially if it’s in full-color.

“Travel and photography enthusiasts who are aspiring authors should find publishers that offer authors a package deal,” Richard suggests. He continues, “LitFire Publishing House has a full-color publishing package called Blitz, and it includes a manuscript evaluation, cover design, interior layout and formatting, ISBN registration, a marketing campaign, and more. But more importantly, we print on demand.”

The best thing about hiring indie publishers is that they can help aspiring authors write, publish, promote and distribute books. It’s no wonder why publishers suggest the package deals. It can get authors the success they want.


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