Interview with LitFire Publishing’s Marketing Manager, Richard Stephens – Part 2

How can LitFire publishing help aspiring authors?

Get to know the benefits of hiring self-publishers from Richard Stephens, Marketing Manager of LitFire Publishing, as he talks about his experiences in indie publishing in this interview. And find out how LitFire Publishing can help authors solve their publishing problems.

LitFire Publishing opened its doors to aspiring authors in 2008. They started out as a publisher of digital books. But today, with hundreds of book titles under their belt, they can offer authors several digital and print publishing services. And with over 50 publishing partners, they won’t break a sweat when they promote and distribute books.

LitFire’s main headquarters is in Atlanta, GA.

What is the easiest way that LitFire can offer authors in publishing a book? Or what other packages can Litfire Publishing offer?

“For newbie authors, I highly recommend getting the publishing packages, since it covers the basics – writing, editing, cover design, formatting, and ISBN registration,” Richard Stephens advises.

For digital publishing, LitFire has two different packages: the Basic Package which costs $250, and the Advanced Package which costs $299. Both packages will get your book an ISBN, the cover it deserves, a proper layout, and formatting. And, your books will be published in different formats that suit various e-book retailers.

When asked about the difference between the packages, he answers, “In terms of design, the Advanced Package gets you 30 images, while the Basic Package only gets 10. For distribution, with the Advanced Package, your book will be spread to 30 different retailers. On the other hand, the Basic Package only has 10 allotted book retailers.”

If authors want print books, LitFire can publish black and white books, and colored books. According to Richard, the crucial difference between publishing packages lies in the editing and marketing services. Backcover copywriting and book reviews aren’t included in the basic packages. They don’t include a marketing campaign as well.

“A self-published author’s marketing campaign is critical. It’s what gets them a readership. If authors want to have a strong marketing campaign, they need to invest,” Richard suggests.

Richard points out that when aspiring authors want to find more information online, they should be wary of what they read. “Like any other publishing house, we have been a recipient of doubt and hate. People have been posting bogus LitFire publishing Scams online.”

He adds, “What I know, and can guarantee to aspiring authors, is that our current authors are happy with their publishing experience with us. If you want to check out LitFire publishing reviews from the people who’ve actually tried publishing with us, visit LitFirePub on Twitter, or you could visit our Youtube account, LitFire Publishing. We have met and helped our authors with their campaigns for book festivals, and they have nothing but nice words to say.”


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