Interview with LitFire Publishing’s Marketing Manager, Richard Stephens – Part 1

What has attracted millions of authors to self-publish? And what does one need to do to self-publish?

Learn about the self-publishing industry in this interview with Richard Stephens, Marketing Manager of LitFire Publishing.

LitFire Publishing is a self-publishing company which opened its doors to aspiring authors in 2008. They started out as a publisher of digital books. But today, with hundreds of book titles under their belt, they can offer authors several digital and print publishing services. And with over 50 publishing partners, they won’t break a sweat when they promote and distribute books.

LitFire’s main headquarters is in Atlanta, GA.

How can LitFire Publishing help authors publish a book? What are the steps?

According to Richard Stephens, Marketing Manager of LitFire Publishing, LLC, the publishing company is perfect for hands-on authors. From editing, cover design to marketing their books, the authors’ opinions will always be prioritized. He confessed, “Authors have radical ideas that are quite harmful towards the author’s brand, or to the quality of their books. When that happens, we will be there to give them advice. We will show them more options, or we could make alternatives – compromise. The authors get what they want, and we still get to do our jobs. But, yeah, ultimately, it all boils down to their choice.”

The first step, according to Richard, starts with the authors figuring out the services they need.

“They can check out our site – They can browse through our services, determine what they need. Most of the time, authors will discover several services that they thought they didn’t need,” he states.

When you’re ready to publish, you can go to the LF website and click on the CONTACT US button. Once you’ve submitted your contact details, their team will get in touch with you.

Getting your book publication-ready starts with manuscript evaluation. Copyeditors will check the book for errors in grammar, and inconsistencies in style. If there are certain points that can be improved, they highlight them. And of course, the changes remain faithful to the writer’s tone and style.

When it comes to the illustration process, he declares, “It starts with a simple hand-drawn sketch. Once the author gives a thumb up, the designer starts to add more depth and color to the illustration.”

Aside from the editing and illustration, the author doesn’t need to worry about the layouts and formats, ISBN registration. Richard affirms, “It’s part of every package, even the basic one. Marketing, however, isn’t available for all publishing packages. If they also need help with their marketing campaign, then they should get the packages that offer this service.”

He reminds authors that before LitFire can help them, authors need to know what they need. It starts from there.


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